Student Paper Awards

The NOLTA2018 Symposium Committee will present student paper awards. The award candidates should be a full student, and the first author and the presenter of the NOLTA2018 paper. In addition, the awarded paper should be a 4-page camera-ready manuscript. The selections of the awards are based on the quality, originality, and clarity of the paper and the presentation.


Eoghan Staunton (National University of Ireland Galway)
Noise and bistability in the square root map

Tetsu Iwamoto (Osaka Prefecture University)
Suppression of oscillation in delay-coupled oscillator networks with slow switching topology

Miguel Garcia-Bosque (University of Zaragoza)
A multi-encryption scheme and its application to improve the random properties of a chaos-based stream cipher


Minami Tsuchiya (Yamagata University)
Estimation of awaking time using a deep neural network with physiological data during sleep

Naoki Hirakura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Efficient orthogonalization method for eigenvectors of the Laplacian matrix for estimation of social network structure

Yoshitaka Itoh (Tokyo Denki University)
Reconstructing bifurcation diagrams of the Duffing equations

Dong-Seok Lee (Dong-eui University)
Depth picture prediction using curved surface modeling

Honami Tsushima (Nippon Institute of Technology)
Tabu search method for multiple-vehicle bike sharing system routing problem

Takuya Nanami (University of Tokyo)
Modeling primary neurons in drosophila auditory system

Ryoko Sugano (Chiba University)
High-frequency soft-switching resonant driver for SiC class-D amplifier